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Welcome to Hanna's Tidbits, a blog for all of the collective "tidbits" for Hanna is Not a Boy's Name. You can find tons of canon facts here gathered from the extensive Q&A Journals on DeviantArt, doodles she sketched in comic books, music she has provided, and more! We will only feature Tessa Stone's official artwork. All characters, graphics, art, crafts, etc. are entirely her own unless otherwise specified in a post. Poke around, submit a post, ask a question- you're a welcome visitor. <3<br />

Jul 16

Q&A Journal #1

dear tall dark and decomposing: since u can tear off ur limbs without much consequences do you know of your limit of how much mutilation you can take until you re-die?

to he whose never ridden a roller coaster in his life: well i was thinking masculinity but there may be other things
i dont know thats why im asking you

to the gynophobe in denial: you didnt answer my question
transsexuals how do they make you feel


… : I’m not sure but I hope that it is not something that is tested soon.

Hanna: Probably masculinity because I look like a fourteen year old to some people….blargh.

Conrad: I’m not a gynophobe!! Transsexuals are fine! I have nothing against them.

Q&A Journal #1

to the living impaired: whats it like to rip off ur own limbs and hit ppl with them?

to the vertically challenged: your hammer isnt compensating for anything… is it?

to the Gynophobic: how do you feel about transsexuals?


… : I don’t think I’ve hit people with them yet, but I imagine it’s helpful.


Conrad: …am I…gynophobic? I don’t mean to be? They’re fine. Am I REALLY GYNOPHOBIC??

Hanna: Is it cos women beat you, right?


Q&A Journal #1

Both of my me have questions. First one:

Hanna : Marker or pencil?

Conrad : How do you imagine your next encounter with your Sire?

… : Where d’you get that coat? I want one like that. Badly.

All : If you were a pokemon?

Second one:

Hanna : Do you consider mutations and injection of ESP abilities as paranormal? If so, I have a whole lot of test subjects to show you, it should please you…

Conrad : Watch out! An vampire hunter!

… : Any idea why you’ve become a living dead?

All : Die shortly but with great pain, or a long agony with a little, but persistant pain?


Hanna: Markerr!!! 

Conrad: Not well? I dread it.

… : Hanna bought it for me.

Hanna: I would be a TRAPINCH, cos they’re totally boss. Conrad would be something grumpy and sour that can fly and I bet zombie guy would be a ghost pokemon. It’s been too long, I don’t know any of the new pokemon very well.

Hanna: UHHH, I’m not sure if they are but I think that’s crazy!! Test subjects are kind of scary though, I mean, I’m not sure I’m keen on being one myself…

Conrad: I’m pretty sure vampire hunters would bother picking out vamps that were actually threatening first.

… : Not really.

Hanna: Die shortly with great pain. Get it over with.

Conrad: Uhhh, too many circumstances I guess. Hard to tell.

… : Die shortly.

Q&A Journal #1

Hanna: If you could be any superhero, which would you choose, and why? No saying Batman. That’s a cop-out.

Conrad: How do you feel about chicks randomly raiding your closet?

And to our dear resident living-impaired: How often do you think, “Why do I hang out with these people again?”


Hanna: THE FLASH!!! 

Conrad: Uhh, are you saying you’re interested in raiding my closet? For … my clothes? I can’t say I’m too happy about it cos then I would be missing a lot of clothes…

… : Never actually. I kind of enjoy it.

Q&A Journal #1

Hanna: How many girlfriends have you had and how long was your most serious relationship? Does the idea of a women interested in you freak you out?

…: Any of those names working out for you? Whats been the most tolerable so far? Also, how do you handle being around Hanna all day?

Conrad: Are you secretly excited to be a vampire? Any part of it appealing to you? Also, do you harbor even slight homosexual feelings? I mean… you don’t like women, right?


Hanna: I um, I’ve actually never had…a girlfriend. That kind of hurt to admit actually. I’m not afraid of ahving a relationship!! Girls just..um. Well, any time I ask one they shoot me down pretty hard and I’ve not had any girl really show much interest in me…jeez. Ow.

… : I’m not sure I remember any of them but Gallahad recently. That just sort of makes me feel silly. I handle it fine, I actually enjoy his company.

Conrad: I…wh-what?!! I’m not h-homosexual!!


Conrad: Ffu-fuh. No! Not at all! I like women,…I do, really! Jeez!

Q&A Journal #1


Zombie Dude: You have wings on your head. Have you noticed?

Conrad: What sort of art do you like? Degas? A Warhol perhaps? :3c


Hanna: TOTALLY. I even have like a drivers license….thing.

Conrad: Shit, you DRIVE?

Hanna: Well, I mean. It’s expired

… : I’ve been told, actually.

Conrad: Ummm, I’m kind of into Dadaists actually. I think I spelt that right?

Q&A Journal #1

Dear Hanna and Company,

what’s the most mortifying thing you’ve ever experienced?


Hanna: Sweet! Hanna and Co! I am like my own company or something or like a band. Maybe we can start a band. Sweet.

Conrad: You were asked a question…

Hanna: OH…uhhh…errr. Mortifying? Ummmm. Yeah I’m not so good at talking about that but YANNO. Heheh. L-life moves on.

Conrad: …you okay?

Hanna: YUP. So what was yours, Conrad? Errmm, please say it wasn’t you dying and turning into a vampire.

Conrad: …ookay if not that then it was meeting your next door neighbor lady.

Hanna: Ohhh, so true.

… : I’m going to have to agree.

Hanna: WORD.

Q&A Journal #1

Oh, Conrad and … what is your favorite color?


Conrad: Um, I like red but I liked it beFORE I became a vampire and it being the color of blood was relevant. It’s a nice color.

Jun 29

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